An all-natural way to reach body goals and maintain health

Eating healthy should be everyone’s priority especially in this day and age.  More and more doctors prescribe proper diet and regular exercise to prevent patients from developing lifestyle diseases.  For those with chronic illnesses, living healthy is a long-term solution to manage their condition. 


Before thinking of losing or gaining weight, prioritizing overall health should be the starting point.  Eating salad in the morning can give the body an energy boost for a productive day.  For fitness enthusiasts, nutritious veggie salads make for great pre- and post-workout meals.  Green veggies are packed with nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron, and B vitamins.  Salad staples like tomatoes, onions, and sweet peppers are loaded with antioxidants.  Vitamins C and A in the structure of the antioxidant carotenoid can be found in various salad ingredients.


Loading up on salads help in controlling one’s weight, making it the best partner in reaching the body of their dreams.  Salads containing vegetables that are rich in fiber can help one feel full quicker, causing the body to consume fewer calories than when grubbing on a meal and an appetizer.  A bowl of salad a day can aid one’s ingestion of healthy fats.

Reaching body goals will be easier with strong bones.  Healthy bone growth is vital in leading an active lifestyle.  Muscle performance is also enhanced through eating fruits and veggies.  Not only will eating veggies make your bones stronger, it will also keep your heart healthy and protected. 

With all these benefits, how about we start eating the good stuff right away?

We Lead Integrated and Natural Farm is an accredited farm training facility located at the heart of Alfonso, Cavite. We offer various activities to our guests such as agri-training, fruit and vegetable picking, animal feeding, and more. We also provide guests with the experience of eating wholesome, farm-to-plate meals. The Farm always has something cooking for everyone, so be sure to subscribe to this blog for updates.

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