Workplace eye-candy: Benefits of having a corporate garden

In general, workplaces rarely have a hint of nature.  A day in the office consists of staring at a computer screen all day, catching a glimpse of the cubicle wall for a quick breath while suffering from poor posture.  The corporate life isn’t all colorful when you think about it. 


Located in Alfonso, Cavite, WIN Farm promotes the development of corporate gardens in urban areas.  Companies are now building corporate gardens for their employees to tend and marvel at, reducing workplace stress.  Keeping a garden in the office is more than just having some greens to look at when the eyes get tired of looking at the screen.  According to a study published in 2008 by the University of Michigan, spending more time outside in close accessibility to plants can help in increasing memory retention in individuals by twenty percent.  In addition, it also extends an employee’s attention span and enhances focus, improving productivity.


Over the past couple of years, major companies have been incorporating corporate gardens in their headquarters, giving employees a chance to take a break and care for the plants till fresh produce is ready for them to bring home.  In a way, it encourages in-office teambuilding, even promoting community goodwill

According to the team at WIN Farm, employees are usually behind desks staring at computer screens all day which does not promote better health.  Maintaining a corporate garden increases physical activity among employees.  A therapeutic garden design is more than just an added responsibility to an already busy work schedule.  It helps employees take a breather and relieve stress in order so that they can be at their best at work. 

We Lead Integrated and Natural Farm is a 9.1-hectare farm that offers a number of options for everyone who seeks for an extraordinary outdoor experience. For quick updates, follow WIN Farm on Facebook.

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