The future of farming and agriculture

When choosing a career path, youths are quick to avoid the road leading to agriculture and farming.  Millennials and younger generations are encouraged to pursue studies and careers in other sectors, leaving them with no appreciation for the industry that feeds them.  This is why people’s perception on farming and agriculture needs to be changed especially in this day and age.

Source: WIN Farm

Here’s the reality: traditional farming practices can no longer keep up with the increasing population.  Farmers who have dedicated their lives to the industry are ageing and have no successors.  The youth are encouraged to step up and bring their A-game in farming and agriculture.  Thankfully, over the past years, farming has become a trend, with more and more people considering a career in the industry. 

Rebranding is one of the industry’s major challenges.  Millennials in the media can help improve the image of farming and agriculture, to create better opportunities for the industry to grow.  Research and development also play a huge part in the field.  The farming industry needs the brainpower of the next generations to fuel future innovations in the field, as ageing farmers may not be familiar with emerging processes that can help make farming and agriculture more profitable in the years to come.

Source: WIN Farm

WIN Farm is a training facility for farming and agricultural cooperative in Alfonso, Cavite. The WIN Farm team encourages the youth to embrace their responsibility in continuing the trade and making it better for the next generations.  Without farmers we won’t have food, and without food, it would be impossible to live from day-to-day.  Farming and agriculture carry the power to develop the world.

We Lead Integrated and Natural Farm or WIN Farm is a 9.1-hectare training farm that offers a number of options for everyone who is seeking an extraordinary outdoor experience. The Farm is accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism and Department of Agriculture to operate as a training center for farming and agriculture. Follow WIN Farm on Facebook for quick updates.

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